17th December 2016

Congratulations to INGVILD DEILA on a certain cameo in ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY!

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We can finally announce that Ingvild Deila is part of the Rogue One cast, with an intriguing cameo in the final scene of the Star Wars spin-off which opened on the 15th of December. If you’re curious about her character’s name, you can  click here to find out. Congratulations, Ingvild!

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15th October 2016

INGVILD DEILA in critically acclaimed CROPPED

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After a successful festival circuit, Cropped, featuring our lovely Ingvild Deila, is now available online. ‘Cropped’ tells the story of a group of UFO enthusiasts on the hunt for proof of extraterrestrial existence at the site of one of rural Britain’s mysterious crop circles.  As events unfold and night falls, the group are forced to […]

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1st January 2016

Happy new year! INGVILD DEILA playing the female lead in two feature films!


Happy new year! Ingvild has been confirmed to play the female lead in not only one, but two independent feature films; Hippopotamus, written and directed by Edward Palmer, and Hills (working title) written by Benjamin James Abbott and Oscar Forshaw Swift and directed by Oscar Forshaw Swift.

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6th December 2015

INGVILD DEILA booked a role in a top secret major feature film in 2016


Just before the year ends Ingvild secured an important supporting role in a major feature film coming out in 2016. More news about this exciting project to follow.

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22nd July 2015

NICK DONG-SIK hast just finished filming feature film “Lotte Jaeger” in Germany

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Nick just finished shooting the feature film “Lotte Jäger” in Germany, director Sherry Hormann (“Desert Flower”, “3096 Days”). He is playing the part of Sun-Hee. We’re looking forward to watching this drama about the last days of the DDR.

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