4th October 2018

New Jaguar Commercial with Aiman

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Aiman recently filmed the Jaguar Commercial as a Horse Police Man to her Majesty the Queen.    

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16th October 2017

Herve Goffings to appear in new TV Series

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Hervé got his first part in a new TV series for BBC and Netflix that will be released next year. “What an incredible and fantastic experience!”

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13th October 2017

CALIN BLEAU and INGVILD longer on screen

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The McDonalds commercial where both, Calin and Ingvild, played a part, has just been renewed for another 6 month. Congrats you two!

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26th July 2016

NICK DONG-SIK in Season 2 of Netflix Series Marco Polo

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Nick can be seen in episode 7 of the historical drama’s second season, currently available on Netflix. He’s now filming the German feature Verpiss Dich Schneewittchen (dir. Cüneyt Kaya). For more about Nick, you can go to this website by clicking here.

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12th November 2015

INGVILD DEILA played the female lead in the comedy series pilot “Sweat”


Ingvild played Sydney (female lead) in the comedy series pilot SWEAT, created by Gregory Kirchhoff and Daniel Takla Zehrfeld and filmed in Hamburg with release for early 2016.

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25th October 2015

INGVILD DEILA plays lead in romantic comedy series “Relationshit”


Ingvild played the lead in a romantic comedy series, ‘Relationshit’, directed and written by Ivy Jelisavac.

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9th August 2015

NICK DONG-SIK has been shooting for Netflix series “Marco Polo”

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Nick has been shooting an episode of the popular Marco Polo series. Congratulations!

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22nd July 2015

NICK DONG-SIK hast just finished filming feature film “Lotte Jaeger” in Germany

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Nick just finished shooting the feature film “Lotte Jäger” in Germany, director Sherry Hormann (“Desert Flower”, “3096 Days”). He is playing the part of Sun-Hee. We’re looking forward to watching this drama about the last days of the DDR.

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