10th March 2021

Mayalani in ‘AGUA’

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You can see @mayalani.moes in her role as a Pillar creature in @danielperlman_98 ‘s short film ‘AGUA’ produced by Wady Films. The film is currently in post production and will be released later this year! Great stuff! 🎥 🎞

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20th January 2021

Maya in ‘AGUA’

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News news news! Our Maya Moes playing the Pillar Woman in short film ‘AGUA’ directed by @danielperlman_98 produced by Wady Films. Isn’t she scary? Congratulations Maya!

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29th November 2019

Hervé in ‘FEAR’


Such lovely news! Our talented Hervé had recently acted in a short film called FEAR. It tells the true story of André (our Hervé), a migrant of African descent who just arrives in the port of Dover, U.K and has nowhere to spend the night. There will be a showing in London at The Rio […]

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5th January 2019

Maya cast as Aella in short film

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We are incredibly delighted to announce that Maya Moes was cast in the short film Virtue that starts shooting very soon. She’ll be portraying the role of Aella, the chairman of Virtue. The film tells the story about Superhumans who have gone extinct and two groups fight over whether they should return. Who’d you join? […]

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8th June 2018

Maya Moes as Joan in short film ‘BRUSH’

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Maya Moes will be portraying the fiery role of ‘Joan’ in an upcoming short film dealing with the themes of loneliness and depression. She is very excited to take on this role this coming July, filming in London. Stay tuned for more.

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19th December 2017

Lory Simonetti to star in “Breaking Point”

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Treat yourself this festive season and be among one of the firsts to see the short film “Breaking Point”, produced by and starring Lory Simonetti, at the Tristan Bates Theatre this Wednesday 20th December, at 9pm. For more information about the event and to book tickets, click here.

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5th September 2016


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The Kindness of Strangers, in which Ingvild plays the lead role, is now part of the official selection for Aesthetica (ASFF), a BAFTA nominating festival.

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6th June 2016

MAJINKO SZABO cast in comedic film “It Will Be Okay”

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Majinko will play a rather unusual kind of “Boy Next Door” in Lukas Nippert’s short comedy It Will Be Okay, which will be filming mid-June. Click here for more on Majinko, or to follow him on Twitter.

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