17th March 2021

Never stop training!

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That’s today’s mantra inspired by our @enyahendriks who is now doing a LABAN movement course at @studiosoma.space for the next 8 weeks. @studiosoma.space is a company that started during lockdown, so kudos to them! Well done @enyahendriks for continuously working on your craft! 🎞 🎭

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28th January 2021

On camera training – Sabine Rossbach


Our lovely Sabine has been doing some self improvement work! She’s been taking John Swanbeck’s online classes that really help her with her camera acting skills and bring it to the next level. ‘He teaches from the camera’s perspective and applies cinematic thinking to the actor’s process, so it works powerfully in the film frame’ […]

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12th April 2018

Herve Goffings gives workshop in Mexico

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Tomorrow, Hervé will give a workshop on French pronunciation, diction and intonation. They will be working on melodies and arias . The workshop is aimed at professional Mexican opera singers. “I used to be an opera singer in another life!” says Hervé. He’s proud to deliver the workshop in Spanish.

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14th October 2017

LORY SIMONETTI training with Identity Drama School

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Lory got accepted to Identity Drama School and has started training with them in September! We hope you are having an inspiring time and lots and lots of fun!

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23rd September 2017

CALIN BLEAU will keep honing his craft with Identity School of Acting

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Calin has been accepted to Identity School of Acting and will start training with them in October to keep developing his craft. Congratulations, Calin! And have lots of fun!

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