12th April 2018

Herve Goffings gives workshop in Mexico

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Tomorrow, Hervé will give a workshop on French pronunciation, diction and intonation. They will be working on melodies and arias . The workshop is aimed at professional Mexican opera singers. “I used to be an opera singer in another life!” says Hervé. He’s proud to deliver the workshop in Spanish.

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14th October 2017

LORY SIMONETTI training with Identity Drama School

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Lory got accepted to Identity Drama School and has started training with them in September! We hope you are having an inspiring time and lots and lots of fun!

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23rd September 2017

CALIN BLEAU will keep honing his craft with Identity School of Acting

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Calin has been accepted to Identity School of Acting and will start training with them in October to keep developing his craft. Congratulations, Calin! And have lots of fun!

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