23rd November 2018

Herve Goffings in Black Earth Rising

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Fantastic news! Hervé appeared in the new TV Show “Black Earth Rising” starring alongside of Michaela Coel and John Goodman. Hervé is seen in Episode 2 that was aired earlier in September. To top it all off, this TV Show, which is directed by Hugo Blick, will soon be showed on Netflix at the beginning […]

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19th November 2018

Yasmina Elkak in new feature film ’Badnaam’

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Great news! Yasmina featured as Carmen, the feisty Hispanic prisoner in the feature film Badnaam (“Shameless”), which is about a spy that is trying to uncover a mystery. She had to do stunt work and perform a great amount of fighting scenes as part of a badass prison gang! She had a lot of fun filming […]

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4th October 2018

New Jaguar Commercial with Aiman

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Aiman recently filmed the Jaguar Commercial as a Horse Police Man to her Majesty the Queen.    

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10th August 2018

New short film – Maya Moes

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Exciting news for Maya Moes who got cast in the upcoming short film Dreamscape (or a Subjective Meditation on a Distant World). Dreamscape is the story of a mute woman (Maya Moes) trying to find her way through the world. When her personality splits she has to deal with both the good and evil aspects of […]

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22nd July 2018

New headshots alert

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Daniel Anderson, our German speaking actor, has undertaken some changes: new headshots in the house. Doesn’t he look charming! Check them out!   Headshot photographer: Sandra Spethmann

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21st August 2017

Soft & Gentle: HERVE GOFFINGS to appear in his first commercial.

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It’s not easy to keep your cool around this charming man. This may have been the reason for casting Hervé in an online-ad for the women anti-perspirant Soft & Gentle. Hervé after the shoot in late July at the East London Studios: “I had a fantastic experience to be shooting my first commercial for the […]

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22nd March 2017

LISE AAGAARD KNUDSEN wraps filming on Thitonos Error

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Lise just wrapped science fiction short Thitonos Error, a London Film School graduation film directed by Norbert Sterile. Looking forward to the screening!

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6th June 2016

ANNE-SOPHIE MARIE completes recording for the short film “Rendez-Vous”

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Anne-Sophie recently wrapped “Rendez-Vous”, in which she played an aspiring saxophone player moving next door to a cellist. She was also excited to work on her first musical recording session for a film and hopes one of her next roles will involve a similar experience, this time with singing.  Click here for updates on the film and […]

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