15th October 2016

INGVILD DEILA in critically acclaimed CROPPED

After a successful festival circuit, Cropped, featuring our lovely Ingvild Deila, is now available online.

‘Cropped’ tells the story of a group of UFO enthusiasts on the hunt for proof of extraterrestrial existence at the site of one of rural Britain’s mysterious crop circles.  As events unfold and night falls, the group are forced to set their differences aside when the mystery of the crop circles is revealed.

The film has been selected for a Vimeo Staff Pick which reached out to thousands across the globe. Here’s a flavour of some of the online reviews…

‘’This clever short film reveals the “truth” about crop circles and it’s brilliant’’ – io9

‘’Funny, smart and really enjoyable’’ – BBC Films

“The overall feel of the short is impressive for something this small. Really Enjoyable!” – First Showing

“The enjoyable characters along with the simple plot combined with good technical filmmaking produces Cropped as an extremely pleasurable watch for anyone who enjoys the comical side of looking for UFO’s, aliens or the mysteries of crop circles.” – UK Film Review

‘’Genius’’ – Film Debate

So far, Cropped has been selected at Berlinale International, Berlin British Shorts, London Sci-fi Film Festival, Cluj Comedy Film Festival, The Smalls, London Short Film Festival, Plymouth Film Festival, and was recently selected for the (BAFTA recognised) ASFF Film Festival.

Along with the festivals it’s also been shown at prestigious Sci-Fi conventions, including Novacon, Octocon, Eurocon and the UK Natl.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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