What we are looking for

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English + Mother tongue

Our focus is on representing native multilingual talent. In addition to excellent English skills, all our actors speak a native language other than English.

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Spotlight member

We need all our actors to be on Spotlight to be able to get them work. So please only apply when you have an active Spotlight membership.


UK based

We mainly operate in the UK market. In order to be available for auditions and bookings our actors have their main base in the UK, ideally in London.


Proactive Team Player

We are looking for a lively and friendly team member, who is computer-literate, switched-on, a great communicator and brings heeps of initiative.

What to expect

We are a co-operative agency, which means that our clients not only work as actors but also take on the role of agents. We basically all work together to get each other work!

So, joining us will certainly be different from joining a ‘common’ agency. You would not only join us as an actor but also as someone who actively shapes the future of the agency and its members. [Don’t worry, we provide training on that last bit!] To give you an idea what that means…


What ties the package comes with
  • Our members work about 2 days a month as an agent.
  • We have a mandatory monthly meeting where we plan the weeks ahead.
  • You support the agency with your skill set by taking on a role like ‘Accountant’, ‘Social Media Representative’, etc. – time involved: 2 – 2.5 hours per week.
  • We do have a monthly fee of £10 per actor to cover recurring costs.


What you get in return
  • Unlike in ‘common’ agencies you have full command and visibility over your career.
  • You get valuable insight in how the industry works – into the casting and booking process.
  • As an agent you meet industry professionals on an eye to eye level.
  • You get access to a network of like-minded proactive peers who understand your dreams and goals and help you achieve them.


If this sounds like you, then we are very much looking forward to hearing from you!