17th March 2021

Never stop training!

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That’s today’s mantra inspired by our @enyahendriks who is now doing a LABAN movement course at @studiosoma.space for the next 8 weeks. @studiosoma.space is a company that started during lockdown, so kudos to them! Well done @enyahendriks for continuously working on your craft! 🎞 🎭

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24th March 2020


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Happy Tuesday everyone. We are happy to announce that we are recruiting BAME actors. In these challenging timeS we want to stay positive and extend our family which is why we are talking to YOU. If you feel like you are a great team player, speak more than one language fluently, you are London based…then […]

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2nd January 2019

Black Earth Rising!

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Have you heard? Our very talented Hervé Goffings was cast on the new television drama series for BBC Two. The show is now on Netflix! So get yourself cozy tonight and tune in.

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