15th May 2019

Alexander in ‘Otis and Eunice’

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Wonderful news! Alexander has recently concluded with ‘Otis and Eunice’ in which play he was playing the title character and lead role, ‘Otis’. After two years of research and development, the entire company, including students and graduates of 5 major conservatoires in the UK, the play was eventually presented to the public over 6 performances, […]

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21st January 2019

Herve in Mexico City

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Great news! Hervé is currently in Mexico and he will be doing a musical theatre show in Mexico City. It’s wonderful to see that our actors are following their dreams and goals in life! Hervé was recently to be seen in ‘Black Earth Rising’ that is now on Netflix. If you haven’t seen the show yet, […]

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2nd January 2019

Black Earth Rising!

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Have you heard? Our very talented Hervé Goffings was cast on the new television drama series for BBC Two. The show is now on Netflix! So get yourself cozy tonight and tune in.

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4th October 2018

Exciting new play with Maya Moes

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Maya, our Luxembourgish actress, has thrilling news! She got cast in a Luxembourgish play called ‘The Red Thread’, which in total has ten performances in ten different locations in Luxembourg. She takes on the role of Tania, a young woman who finds her way in the grown-up world. A deeply humane story revolving around three […]

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14th August 2018

Very warm welcome to Enya Hendriks

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All of us from Play Actors wish a warm welcome to Enya who has recently joined our agency. Congratulations! Enya is from Belgium where she initially studied Communication Sciences and Psychology in her home country. She was part of the university musical theatre company where she gradually became more aware of her talent as an […]

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31st July 2018


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Our actors are on point! Photographer Danann Breathnach has recently taken Daniel Julian’s new headshots and we think they are great. Great versatility Daniel!      

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8th June 2018

Beatrice Mori in ‘West Side Story’

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Mori is soon to be seen in the iconic musical “West Side Story”. She couldn’t be more excited to work with a very talented cast and crew and to be able to perform at the spectacular London theatre Orchestra. Its opening night will be on the 26th of June and closes its doors the 1st of July […]

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14th July 2017

DANIEL ANDERSON: Swinging from a Chandelier – Experimental Theatre in Berlin

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A factory. A foreigner who is guarding it. A cinnamon coated trader who is visiting. A pianist who doesn’t want to remember. And a chandelier. This August, “Die Zimtfabrik” opens in Berlin. It’s a surreal tragicomedy packed with a cinematic score and acrobatic elements. Daniel Anderson is very excited to play the guard, one of […]

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