4th April 2017

ANNE-SOPHIE MARIE in The Millennials: A night of new writing

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Anne-Sophie will be performing in Ceremony Night, a comedy directed by Sally Collett, which will be part of Black Cat Theatre’s Millennial-themed series at the Courtyard Theatre, Thursday April 6th, 7:30pm. You can click here for more details and tickets, or in standard Millennial fashion, view it all through Facebook.

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1st December 2016

ANNE-SOPHIE MARIE receives a nomination for SIDETRACKED

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Congrats to Anne-Sophie Marie for her best supporting actress nomination at the International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema MILAN. Anne-Sophie’s nomination was for Sidetracked,  a film about the haunting power of one’s own mind, in which she played a Swiss psychologist in charge of an unusual patient. So far, Sidetracked was has also been selected at the Delhi […]

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30th October 2016


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Anne-Sophie and Marilii have been cast in the same theatre  production: Le Grand Meaulnes, a reverie. The bilingual show, created by writer-composer Tyrone Landau and directed by Luke Dixon, was selected to be open the Voilà Festival, a London-based French festival taking place annually at the Cockpit Theatre in Marylebone. It links Alain Fournier’s infamous novel […]

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6th June 2016

ANNE-SOPHIE MARIE completes recording for the short film “Rendez-Vous”

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Anne-Sophie recently wrapped “Rendez-Vous”, in which she played an aspiring saxophone player moving next door to a cellist. She was also excited to work on her first musical recording session for a film and hopes one of her next roles will involve a similar experience, this time with singing.  Click here for updates on the film and […]

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27th April 2016

ANNE-SOPHIE MARIE narrates children’s book “Mely et Bela”

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“Mely et Bela”, a brand new children’s story narrated in French by Anne-Sophie, is now available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes. Anne-Sophie will be working with JN Paquet Books Ltd on two more children’s books in the near future, so stay tuned for more recordings…

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29th February 2016

ANNE-SOPHIE MARIE’s writing performed at the Tristan Bates Theatre

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Anne-Sophie put her writer hat on again and combined forces with The Pensive Federation and their “Significant Other Festival”. Her short play “Strikes” will be performed by Tara Dowd and Zoe Mills at the Tristan Bates Theatre between the 29th February until 5th of March. Directed by Noa Nikolsky. Go and see it if you […]

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13th December 2015

ANNE-SOPHIE MARIE will be on stage in the Rose Playhouse

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Anne-Sophie plays Nell in the new comedy by Tony Pennino (dir James Callas Ball) at the Rose Playhouse Scratch Night.

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15th November 2015

ANNE-SOPHIE MARIE wrapped filming the short film “Couch Potato”

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Anne-Sophie just wrapped filming the poetic short film “Couch Potato”, produced by 19-09 Pictures.

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