24th November 2017

If it’s not chicken breast it’s not going in.

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Ingvild and Calin did a funny commercial for McDonald’s a while back and the buy-out has been extended for another year. Watch it here.

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13th October 2017

CALIN BLEAU and INGVILD longer on screen

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The McDonalds commercial where both, Calin and Ingvild, played a part, has just been renewed for another 6 month. Congrats you two!

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21st August 2017

Soft & Gentle: HERVE GOFFINGS to appear in his first commercial.

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It’s not easy to keep your cool around this charming man. This may have been the reason for casting Hervé in an online-ad for the women anti-perspirant Soft & Gentle. Hervé after the shoot in late July at the East London Studios: “I had a fantastic experience to be shooting my first commercial for the […]

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22nd June 2015

OSVALDO ITURRIAGA wrapped filming a commercial for Philips

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Osvaldo recently filmed a commercial for Philips. That’s all we can reveal so far…. Looking forward to seeing the result!

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13th March 2015

VALERIO RICCI is using all his Italian charm in the new Diageo corporate

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Valerio has booked and already filmed a corporate for Diageo! He is playing an Italian bartender in it. Congratulations!

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