4th May 2016

It’s a wrap for DAWN ROBINSON on upcoming Jayne Mansfield film project

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Dawn guest stars in the Mansfield 66/67 project, a documentary about Jayne Mansfield and her relationship with Anton LaVey. The documentary is produced by The Ebersole and Hughes Company (LA) and The Northern Film School Leeds. The sequences featuring Dawn were devised by her and the other performers in the scenes. Dawn is very happy with this experience: “It was […]

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16th March 2016

DAWN PATRICIA ROBINSON performing at Camden People’s Theatre tonight!

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Dawn will be performing in her own show, When I see you I think of…dentist Wednesday the 16th of March, 9pm, at the Camden People’s Theatre. This will be part of Sprint Festival, London’s biggest and best festival of the newest, most adventurous theatre from the UK and beyond…Click here to book! “This performance is a life/live-challenge […]

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4th March 2016

Later this month DAWN PATRICIA ROBINSON will perform her solo show in Camden

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Dawn will be performing her solo show at the Camden Peoples Theatre at the 16th of March. The show is part of the Sprint Festival 2016. It is inspired by “a weird family history”. During the show Dawn will try to become „proper British“- whatever that may mean! The show deals with the question of […]

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20th February 2016

Herzlich Willkommen, DAWN PATRICIA ROBINSON, our German-English actress!

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We are very happy to welcome Dawn Patricia Robinson in our midst. Dawn is originally from Germany, where she has trained. However, she has a vast amount of theatre experience from stages across the UK! Here‘s her Spotlight profile.

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