4th May 2016

It’s a wrap for DAWN ROBINSON on upcoming Jayne Mansfield film project

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Dawn guest stars in the Mansfield 66/67 project, a documentary about Jayne Mansfield and her relationship with Anton LaVey. The documentary is produced by The Ebersole and Hughes Company (LA) and The Northern Film School Leeds. The sequences featuring Dawn were devised by her and the other performers in the scenes. Dawn is very happy with this experience: “It was […]

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11th January 2016

OSVALDO ITURRIAGA just wrapped filming a 20th Century Fox blockbuster

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Osvaldo just wrapped a major Hollywood blockbuster distributed by 20th Century Fox, with release set for late 2016. In the project, Osvaldo was able to demonstrate his multitude of talents in a role that allows him to sing and act.

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22nd July 2015

NICK DONG-SIK hast just finished filming feature film “Lotte Jaeger” in Germany

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Nick just finished shooting the feature film “Lotte Jäger” in Germany, director Sherry Hormann (“Desert Flower”, “3096 Days”). He is playing the part of Sun-Hee. We’re looking forward to watching this drama about the last days of the DDR.

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12th March 2015

INGVILD DEILA plays a supporting role in “Avengers: Age of Ultron”

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Ingvild has a supporting role in Joss Whedon’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron”, coming to cinemas April 23rd in the UK. You’ll be able to spot her in a scene with Robert Downey Jr.

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5th March 2015

INGVILD DEILA is playing the female lead in new feature film “Hippopotamus”

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Ingvild is playing the female lead Ruby Ann Watts in director Edward Palmer’s new feature film “Hippopotamus” which starts shooting on the 10th of March.

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