28th December 2018

Chiraz in ‘Radieuse Vermine’ in Paris

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How far would you go to get the house you want? We have the pleasure to announce that Chiraz is cast as Mad’moiselle Luce in the French play Radieuse Vermine which, for the first time, will be performed in French in Paris. Radieuse Vermine is a dark comedy that tests us, shows us to what lengths […]

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25th November 2018

Enya as Pinocchio!

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Enya Hendriks as Pinocchio! We are delighted to announce that Enya has scored the role as Pinocchio and will be touring and making children happy in primary Schools in and around London. This she will do with the theatre company ‘Bigfoot Arts Education’. We cannot wait to hear about her experience! Enjoy Enya!

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4th October 2018

New Jaguar Commercial with Aiman

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Aiman recently filmed the Jaguar Commercial as a Horse Police Man to her Majesty the Queen.    

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11th July 2018

NT Booking for Peter Brook’s “The prisoner” with HERVÉ GOFFINGS opening tomorrow

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If you want to catch Hervé in Peter Brook’s “The Prisoner” (and you should! :-)) on the National Theatre stage, booking is opening tomorrow morning, July 12th at 8.30am (GMT). For more info about the show: https://www.nationaltheatre.org.uk/shows/the-prisoner.

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21st January 2017


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Congrats to Chiraz and Hervé for both being cast in Théâtre Privas’s production of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest in French, in the Ardèche region in France 16-30 novembre 2017. Chiraz will play Ariel, and Hervé,  Caliban. Click here for more information and to book tickets.  

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