25th November 2018

Enya as Pinocchio!

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Enya Hendriks as Pinocchio! We are delighted to announce that Enya has scored the role as Pinocchio and will be touring and making children happy in primary Schools in and around London. This she will do with the theatre company ‘Bigfoot Arts Education’. We cannot wait to hear about her experience! Enjoy Enya!

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8th June 2018

Beatrice Mori in ‘West Side Story’

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Mori is soon to be seen in the iconic musical “West Side Story”. She couldn’t be more excited to work with a very talented cast and crew and to be able to perform at the spectacular London theatre Orchestra. Its opening night will be on the 26th of June and closes its doors the 1st of July […]

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19th December 2017

Lory Simonetti to star in “Breaking Point”

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Treat yourself this festive season and be among one of the firsts to see the short film “Breaking Point”, produced by and starring Lory Simonetti, at the Tristan Bates Theatre this Wednesday 20th December, at 9pm. For more information about the event and to book tickets, click here.

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28th November 2017

New Snaps from the Tempest

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Chiraz and Hervé sent us some photos from their exciting production of The Tempest. “Singing and leviation, done!” “Still in levitation, understood the fun way that acting on aerial equipement is not that easy but surely fun.” “In Rehearsal.”

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24th November 2017

If it’s not chicken breast it’s not going in.

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Ingvild and Calin did a funny commercial for McDonald’s a while back and the buy-out has been extended for another year. Watch it here.

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30th October 2017

Marta da Silva’s theatre company to put on Pizza Man

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Starbound Theatre, Martha’s theatre company, are putting on the play Pizza Man by Darlene Craviotto at the Etcetera Theatre December 5-9th. Starbound Theatre is a brand new, international, London based theatre company exploring the theme of identity. Dark and riotously funny, the Pizza Man is as relevant today as it was when first performed in […]

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29th October 2017

Chiraz and Herve rehearsing for the Tempest

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Rehearsals are in full swing for our two clients Chiraz and Herve who have been cast in Théâtre Privas’s production of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest in French, in the Ardèche region in France 16-30 novembre 2017. Chiraz will play Ariel, and Hervé,  Caliban. Chiraz: “This experience has been challenging and extremely fulfilling. Training for 6 months to learn […]

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13th October 2017

Lory Simonetti to appear in music video by Blaise Pascal

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Lory Simonetti just finished shooting a music video for Blaise Pascal, directed by Yan Murawksi. Lory:”… we shot scenes underwater.”  

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