8th June 2018

Beatrice Mori in ‘West Side Story’

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Mori is soon to be seen in the iconic musical “West Side Story”. She couldn’t be more excited to work with a very talented cast and crew and to be able to perform at the spectacular London theatre Orchestra. Its opening night will be on the 26th of June and closes its doors the 1st of July […]

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30th October 2017

Marta da Silva’s theatre company to put on Pizza Man

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Starbound Theatre, Martha’s theatre company, are putting on the play Pizza Man by Darlene Craviotto at the Etcetera Theatre December 5-9th. Starbound Theatre is a brand new, international, London based theatre company exploring the theme of identity. Dark and riotously funny, the Pizza Man is as relevant today as it was when first performed in […]

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29th October 2017

Chiraz and Herve rehearsing for the Tempest

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Rehearsals are in full swing for our two clients Chiraz and Herve who have been cast in Théâtre Privas’s production of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest in French, in the Ardèche region in France 16-30 novembre 2017. Chiraz will play Ariel, and Hervé,  Caliban. Chiraz: “This experience has been challenging and extremely fulfilling. Training for 6 months to learn […]

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7th June 2016

OSVALDO ITURRIAGA back on tour with One Night Of Rock

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Osvaldo’s back with the touring show One Night of Rock. Click here for their tour dates and/or follow the band on Twitter!

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1st December 2015

OSVALDO ITURRIAGA was busy touring the UK as the lead singer in a Rock musical

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Our whirlwind Osvaldo Osvaldo was busy touring through the UK as the lead singer of the musical ‘One Night of Rock’.

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26th May 2015

OSVALDO ITURRIAGA will be performing with the touring show “Rox Vox – One Night of Rock”

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Osvaldo will be performing on this coming month at Livingston and Blackpool with the touring show ‘Rox Vox – One Night of Rock’.

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