26th February 2021

Sabine on Netflix in ‘Capitani’

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Did you know? We are so pleased to announce that @sabinerossbach did the Luxembourgish Audio Description for the very successful Luxembourgish crime/drama series ‘Capitani’ that has recently aired on Netflix the 11th of February! We are so proud of you Sabine!

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20th January 2021

Maya in ‘AGUA’

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News news news! Our Maya Moes playing the Pillar Woman in short film ‘AGUA’ directed by @danielperlman_98 produced by Wady Films. Isn’t she scary? Congratulations Maya!

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1st July 2018

Theatre workshops in Luxembourg: Maya Moes leading them

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Maya has exciting news: This summer she will be leading theatre workshops for children from the age of 8 to 11 years. She is very excited and can’t wait to teach these kids and help them stimulate their passion for the dramatic arts. Some shots from last year’s workshop. Children prepping for their big final show. […]

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25th September 2017

A warm welcome to JACQUELINE MILNE!

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Jacqueline recently graduated from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. She is native Irish and Luxembourghish. Her dream is one day playing lady Macbeth! She also likes writing and would love to turn that interest into a play one day. The same with architecture, but we’re not quite sure if that turns into a book 😉 […]

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