7th April 2021

Pepa Duarte in PunchDrunk project

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Yay! @pepaduartes had so much fun working with @punchdrunkuk . She was part of ‘The Wild Visitor’, a free project for children aged 3-11 years old and their parents or carers to do together. It will be led by you in your home, and can involve a journey outdoors, if possible. What a great project! […]

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21st August 2017

Soft & Gentle: HERVE GOFFINGS to appear in his first commercial.

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It’s not easy to keep your cool around this charming man. This may have been the reason for casting Hervé in an online-ad for the women anti-perspirant Soft & Gentle. Hervé after the shoot in late July at the East London Studios: “I had a fantastic experience to be shooting my first commercial for the […]

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11th November 2016


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Pick Up, a short film by Adam Bloom and  starring Calin Bleau, has recently for won the Cinephilia award 2016. You can now watch it through this YouTube link. Congrats to Calin and to everyone who contributed to the film!  

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