7th June 2016

OSVALDO ITURRIAGA back on tour with One Night Of Rock

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Osvaldo’s back with the touring show One Night of Rock. Click here for their tour dates and/or follow the band on Twitter!

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11th January 2016

OSVALDO ITURRIAGA just wrapped filming a 20th Century Fox blockbuster

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Osvaldo just wrapped a major Hollywood blockbuster distributed by 20th Century Fox, with release set for late 2016. In the project, Osvaldo was able to demonstrate his multitude of talents in a role that allows him to sing and act.

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1st December 2015

OSVALDO ITURRIAGA was busy touring the UK as the lead singer in a Rock musical

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Our whirlwind Osvaldo Osvaldo was busy touring through the UK as the lead singer of the musical ‘One Night of Rock’.

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22nd June 2015

OSVALDO ITURRIAGA wrapped filming a commercial for Philips

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Osvaldo recently filmed a commercial for Philips. That’s all we can reveal so far…. Looking forward to seeing the result!

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26th May 2015

OSVALDO ITURRIAGA will be performing with the touring show “Rox Vox – One Night of Rock”

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Osvaldo will be performing on this coming month at Livingston and Blackpool with the touring show ‘Rox Vox – One Night of Rock’.

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