8th June 2018

Beatrice Mori in ‘West Side Story’

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Mori is soon to be seen in the iconic musical “West Side Story”. She couldn’t be more excited to work with a very talented cast and crew and to be able to perform at the spectacular London theatre Orchestra. Its opening night will be on the 26th of June and closes its doors the 1st of July […]

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11th January 2016

OSVALDO ITURRIAGA just wrapped filming a 20th Century Fox blockbuster

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Osvaldo just wrapped a major Hollywood blockbuster distributed by 20th Century Fox, with release set for late 2016. In the project, Osvaldo was able to demonstrate his multitude of talents in a role that allows him to sing and act.

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1st December 2015

OSVALDO ITURRIAGA was busy touring the UK as the lead singer in a Rock musical

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Our whirlwind Osvaldo Osvaldo was busy touring through the UK as the lead singer of the musical ‘One Night of Rock’.

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