9th June 2017

The LIAR #001 – London International Actors Recommend

1: Marta Da Silva is perusing a book called Catfulness to help her mind to face the anxieties a life as an actor entails.

Catfulness is a book on mindfulness with a twist. Cats are used as examples of the practices we should follow: the art of being “Catful”. It’s an attitude that acknowledges and develops the best of who we are as human beings. The book uses inspirational quotes, and illustrates them alongside photos of cats in a humorous way.

Marta recommends it: “it’s very funny, weirdly applicable to me, and useful in dealing with the anxiety that being an actor sometimes brings”

How to get itwww.amazon.co.uk/Catfulness-Inner-Michael-Powell-Co/dp/1449472419

2. Chiraz Aich is currently taking aerial silks classes to prepare for her role of Ariel in the Tempest.

Since Chiraz Aich has be cast in Théâtre Privas’s production of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, (in the Ardèche region in France 16-30 novembre 2017), she has been practicing aerial silks to prepare for the role of the Shakespearian aerial spirit: Ariel.

Chiraz says that “Silks is amazing! it is physically challenging as well as mentally. when you are four meters off the ground and have to wrap yourself a certain way to then drop, you have to be focused, keep calm and be fearless.” She says that no matter how she feels while going into class, she feels happier 10 minutes into the class.

She recommends it to anyone, regardless of experience, as there are classes for all levels.

Where to do it: www.flyingfantastic.co.uk.

3. Tatiana Collet-Apraxine recommends a show that needs no introduction: “Angels in America: A Gay fantasia on National Themes” at the National theatre.

Of course here is a show that needs no introduction or anymore publicity, as it is the box office dynamite of the moment, however I was lucky enough to win tickets in the ballot, and can testify that the show is well worthy of the commotion it’s causing.

Tony Kushner’s masterpiece feels more relevant than ever, depicting an America torn by political and ideological differences, “abandoned by God”. The show feels monumental, like one of those special instances where all the elements needed to make a show come together all work brilliantly and elevate the show to high art. The performances, design, directing, writing all elevate are astounding, and create an unforgettable event.

The show is also a master class in acting, in which the actors seem to give to the audience and to each other, every last ounce of their physical strength and internal emotional life, struggles, pains, and sense of humor. I was left astonished by the feat, profoundly moved, and with a sense of hope in the tenacity and resilience of the human spirit.