18th May 2019

Casting Director Association Awards

This Wednesday, the 15th of May 2019, the third annual Casting Director Association Awards was held. It’s a professional association of Casting Directors in the UK and for the last three years they’ve been celebrating the immense talent in UK casting, this year at BAFTA, London.

Credit: Kate and Lou Casting

The categories range from best casting for feature film to Best Streetcasting for companies such as IKEA, Red Cross and even Norwegian Rema 1000. The jury is made up of industry experts and this year that included people like Alex Jennings (Actor), Christine Payne (General Secretary of Equity) and L.A. Ronayne (D&AD Trustee / Creative Director at Stink Studios). The Awards ceremony was sponsored by Spotlight, and I must say, their goodie bags looked like something I am very sad to have missed.

As we’re celebrating the difficult art of casting, let’s take a look at our fabulous winners, shall we?

We’re happy to see the so many international brands and names celebrated and even more excited to see that so many casting directors and companies have casted with a focus on liberation. The win for Best Single Still to Sainsbury’s ‘All Boobs Welcome’ campaign is a win for all boobs everywhere, and the win for Best Online Campaign to Rimmel’s ‘I Will Not Be Deleted’ is super current and important AND emotional. The entire category of charity videos deserve an award for the great work of spreading awareness in my opinion, but Wayne Waterson’s HIV awareness campaign deserved the win. Don’t get me started on the final categories, as the winner of Best Short ‘The Big Day’ is a super fun and quite touching short, immensely well cast with the main character being played by Jennifer Bea – keep your eyes peeled for when this will be back in London for screenings. And to finally mention ‘Tucked’, winner of Best Casting of Feature Film, what a celebration of the LGBTQIA+ community without making the story line solely evolving the fact that the main character is a Drag Queen. This movie is in cinemas now, watch it!

All the nominees were incredible and the casting directors have done an incredible job years and years on end. For a full list of the nominees and winners (in Italics) – scroll down. We can’t wait to see more of your brilliant work, CD’s!

Best Casting of a UK Commercial (up to & inc 60 secs)

HANNAH BIRKETT for Snickers ‘Snickers’

KATE EVANS for Sainsbury’s ‘The Big Night’

THOMAS ADAMS for ‘Eve Sleep’

Best Casting of a UK Commercial (over 60 secs)

HANNAH BIRKETT for Virgin Atlantic & Delta ‘The Prodigal Brother’

KATE EVANS for The Sun ‘World Cup Office Knockabout’

TREE PETTS for Air China ‘Live Slow Dream Fast’

Best Casting of an Online / Branded Content Commercial (up to & inc 60 secs)

HANNAH BIRKETT for PlayStation ‘Foxhole’

JODY FURLONG for Asus Vivobook ‘Be Your True Colour’

KATE EVANS for Ikea ‘Plates Juggling’

Best Casting of an Online / Branded Content Commercial (over 60 secs)

ANNA STARK & CLAIRE CATTERSON for Rimmel ‘I Will Not Be Deleted’

ET CASTING for HSBC ‘Portraits Of Pride’

LEANNE FLINN for Bodyform/Libresse ‘Viva La Vulva’

Best Casting of an International Commercial

ALI FEARNLEY for Jameson Irish Whiskey ‘Scully Was To Blame’

ANNA STARK for Apple ‘Behind The Mac’

HANNAH BIRKETT for Rema 1000 ‘Smarthouse’

Best Streetcasting

KHARMEL COCHRANE for Ubisoft ‘Just Dance’

KATE EVANS for Sport England ‘This Girl Can – Fit Got Real’

LEANNE FLINN for McCain ‘Here’s To Love’

Best Children’s Casting

CROCODILE CASTING for Protergia ‘Little Scientists’

ET CASTING for BBC Sport ‘Prepare To Be Moved’

NICCI TOPPING for Paul McCartney ‘Fuh You’

Best Casting of a Charity Commercial

NICCI TOPPING for Red Cross ‘The Power Of Kindness’

THOMAS ADAMS for International Women’s Day ‘Queen Rules’

WAYNE WATERSON for HIV Awareness ‘U= U=’

Best Casting of Online Non-Branded Content

KHARMEL COCHRANE for Dept of Education ‘Every Lesson Shapes A Life’ 

KATE EVANS for Electrical Safety First ‘Nan Knows Best’

LEANNE FLINN for The FA ‘England’s World Cup Squad Revealed’

Best Casting of a Stills Campaign 

KHARMEL COCHRANE for Stoli ‘Whatever Drives You’

SUE ODELL for Pride in London ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ 

TREE PETTS for Dove ‘Baby Bathtime’

Best Casting of a Single Still 

CAMILLA ARTHUR for Sainsbury’s Tu ‘All Boobs Welcome’ 

CLAIRE CATTERSON for Children 1st ‘Children 1st’ 

KATE EVANS for Hula Hoops ‘Hula Hoops’

Best Casting of a Short Film 

KATE EVANS for ‘Cur:Few’ 

LEANNE FLINN for ‘Ladies Day’ 

NICCI TOPPING for ‘The Big Day’

Best Casting of a Music Video 

CLAIRE CATTERSON for Callum Scott ‘No Matter What’ 

HANNAH SIMONS for Dizzee Rascal ‘Money Right’ 

LEANNE FLINN for Chaka Khan ‘Like Sugar’

Best Casting of a Feature Film 

ET CASTING for ‘Tucked’ 

EMMA ASHTON for ‘Perfect Skin’ 

KARMEL COCHRANE for ‘In Darkness’

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