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What we are up to

  • Barrio with Pepa Duarte!

    Barrio with Pepa Duarte!

    “After seeing Barrio, I finally understood what going to church on Sundays actually means for so many people. A precious feeling of belonging to a community.” A huge success it was and our Pepa Duarte is once more one stage! Barrio celebrates diversity and resilience of the …
  • ‘UNDOCUMENT’ Feature Film with Chiraz Aich

    ‘UNDOCUMENT’ Feature Film with Chiraz Aich

    ON SET! Our client Chiraz is captured here on set of an upcoming feature film called ‘Undocument’. “The film is described as a ‘episodic feature’, the follows four different stories. A festival hit already, it’s ultimately a drama about the hardships faced by undocumented migrants, and the …
  • Welcome to the family Renee!

    Welcome to the family Renee!

    We are incredibly excited to announce that Renee-Marie Pizzardi, our very exotic half Czech half Italian newcomer.  She studied at LAMDA, the Foundation diploma and also trained for the West End MT company, in musical theatre. Congratulations and good luck with your massive audition on Tuesday! #actor …
  • Yasmin’s Voice-over work

    Yasmin’s Voice-over work

    Great news! Our Danish/ Turkish actress Yasmin has recently finished a voice over job called ‘The Sound Affect’, an explorative journey through the brain. Made by Les Enfants Terribles in collaboration with Ikea and Sonos. She did voice over work for them in both in English and …
  • Lory in ‘The Daughter Abroad’

    Lory in ‘The Daughter Abroad’

    Hooooray!! Our talented Lory was cast as ‘Daughter’ in the upcoming play ‘The Daughter Abroad’ by Tassa Deparis. There will also be a Suffolk preview of this marvelous play at the Old Jet on the 3rd July. Performances are on the evenings of Friday 5th July and …