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  • Pepa Duarte in PunchDrunk project

    Pepa Duarte in PunchDrunk project

    Yay! @pepaduartes had so much fun working with @punchdrunkuk . She was part of ‘The Wild Visitor’, a free project for children aged 3-11 years old and their parents or carers to do together. It will be led by you in your home, and can involve a …
  • Never stop training!

    Never stop training!

    That’s today’s mantra inspired by our @enyahendriks who is now doing a LABAN movement course at for the next 8 weeks. is a company that started during lockdown, so kudos to them! Well done @enyahendriks for continuously working on your craft! 🎞 🎭
  • Mayalani in ‘AGUA’

    Mayalani in ‘AGUA’

    You can see @mayalani.moes in her role as a Pillar creature in @danielperlman_98 ‘s short film ‘AGUA’ produced by Wady Films. The film is currently in post production and will be released later this year! Great stuff! 🎥 🎞
  • Calin Bleau in ZERO CHILL!

    Calin Bleau in ZERO CHILL!

    We are so happy to announce that our @calin_bleau will be seen on Netflix as Marek Zelezney in the new series ‘Zero Chill’. The show will be released on the 15th of March. We can’t wait to check you out Calin!
  • Sabine on Netflix in ‘Capitani’

    Sabine on Netflix in ‘Capitani’

    Did you know? We are so pleased to announce that @sabinerossbach did the Luxembourgish Audio Description for the very successful Luxembourgish crime/drama series ‘Capitani’ that has recently aired on Netflix the 11th of February! We are so proud of you Sabine!