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What we are up to

  • Lory in ‘The Daughter Abroad’

    Lory in ‘The Daughter Abroad’

    Hooooray!! Our talented Lory was cast as ‘Daughter’ in the upcoming play ‘The Daughter Abroad’ by Tassa Deparis. There will also be a Suffolk preview of this marvelous play at the Old Jet on the 3rd July. Performances are on the evenings of Friday 5th July and …
  • Pepa in ‘Viudas’

    Pepa in ‘Viudas’

    We are excited to announce that Pepa will be taking part in a play for The Latin Stage called ‘Viudas’. It’s a night of short theatre pieces. Three plays, three ways of understanding sexual diversity and a way to celebrate the LGTBIQ+ community in London. 6 actors, …
  • Yasmina the new face of Herbalife

    Yasmina the new face of Herbalife

    Great news! Yasmina is the new face for Herbalife’s Smooth Chocolate milkshakes in the UK. Keep your eyes peeled. Keep ‘em peeled!
  • Welcome to Play Actors: Sabine Rossbach

    Welcome to Play Actors: Sabine Rossbach

    We are very excited to announce that Sabine Rossbach has joined Play Actors. We are looking forward to our collaboration Sabine!
  • Alexander in ‘Otis and Eunice’

    Alexander in ‘Otis and Eunice’

    Wonderful news! Alexander has recently concluded with ‘Otis and Eunice’ in which play he was playing the title character and lead role, ‘Otis’. After two years of research and development, the entire company, including students and graduates of 5 major conservatoires in the UK, the play was …