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What we are up to

  • Herve Goffings gives workshop in Mexico

    Tomorrow, Hervé will give a workshop on French pronunciation, diction and intonation. They will be working on melodies and arias . The workshop is aimed at professional Mexican opera singers. “I used to be an opera singer in another life!” says Hervé. He’s proud to deliver the workshop …
  • Lory Simonetti to star in “Breaking Point”

    Treat yourself this festive season and be among one of the firsts to see the short film “Breaking Point”, produced by and starring Lory Simonetti, at the Tristan Bates Theatre this Wednesday 20th December, at 9pm. For more information about the event and to book tickets, click here.
  • We don’t just act!

    RICH CREATIVE returns to The Cockpit to showcase four exciting new writing talents whose work has been picked to be further developed from their sell-out feminist scratch night, The Female Gaze & Other Stories. The writers have had shows performed at Theatre 503, The Pleasance, Etcetera Theatre, have worked …
  • New Snaps from the Tempest

    Chiraz and Hervé sent us some photos from their exciting production of The Tempest. “Singing and leviation, done!” “Still in levitation, understood the fun way that acting on aerial equipement is not that easy but surely fun.” “In Rehearsal.”
  • If it’s not chicken breast it’s not going in.

    Ingvild and Calin did a funny commercial for McDonald’s a while back and the buy-out has been extended for another year. Watch it here.