About Us

Sobre nosotros. Über uns. 会社概要. Despre noi. Ποιοί είμαστε. Chi siamo. À propos.

Play Actors International was founded in 2014 by two actresses. After finding each other in acting class, realising that they share the same native language and ending up in a marketing job together, they decided that their double act shouldn’t be wasted. Et voilà! Play Actors International was born.

They went out to find like-minded thespians and conquer the… Well… Fast forward and the agency is a well-oiled machine that represents a diverse group of actors. Play Actors International is a collective community with a truly personal approach to talent management. Combine this with business brains and a never-ending stream of consciousness; and you have a force to be reckoned with.

We’re as focussed as we are playful, as nurturing as we are direct and as diverse as we are united.

Our Agents

Well, we all are. Each one of us works as an agent for about two days a month – logged into our online systems, from home.

Our Workforce



Growing and nurturing the agency, incl business development, finances and trouble shooting.

Project Management


Managing the day to day business of the agency and being the go-to-person for pretty much everything.



Helping new joiners to get on their way and keeping everyone’s agenting skills fresh and up-to-speed.

Member Admin


Organising our monthly meetings and dealing with various bits of member admin.

Agenting Rota


Organising and managing our monthly rota of agenting shifts as well as bonus shifts for special tasks.



Helping new members find their way around, organising training as well as a ‘brand + material’ review.


Hervé & Charlotte

Assessing all incoming applications, actively looking for new talent and managing the application process.

Marketing Content


Creating content for our marketing efforts, currently she’s responsible for our lovely monthly interviews.

Social Media


Doing anything to do with our Social Media channels and usually much more than that.



Crafting a quarterly newsletter to keep contacts up-to-date about our work and whereabouts.


Sophie & Yael

Working with a list of contacts that are close to who we are and nurturing those relationships.



Maintaining, improving and automating our website and processes behind the scenes.

Artist Development

Daniel Anderson

Assisting our artists with developing new material to build their niché in the industry and stand out.

Our Resources

Self Tapes

Voice Direction

Film Production

Recording Studio