30th June 2016

Women in Vaivén (co-starring MARTA DA SILVA) nominated at Outlantacon Short Film Festival

Laura Cortón and Marta da Silva, Women in Vaivén (dir. Cecilia Pérez-Homar) has been nominated for best actress and best cinematography at Outlantacon Short Film Festival.

In Puerto Rico, Zoe Taína is about to marry her girlfriend. As she struggles to fit into her grandmother’s old wedding dress, she receives a surprise visit from her mother, who’s been dead since Taína was a newborn. Zoemaris, a rebellious first generation Puerto Rican, compels Taína to forgive her for missing this momentous occasion, and to have compassion for her grandma Zoe Tilde, a conservative Spaniard who upholds the old traditions. Caught between both forces, Taína must make peace with her family’s past before someone walks in and catches her talking to her own reflection!

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