Anne-Sophie to perform in the Rose Playhouse
December 2, 2015

Anne-Sophie Marie will be performing at the final Rose Unfolds – Scratch Night event of 2015, on Sunday 13th of December at 5pm!

The Rose Unfolds Project, which is organised by Rose Playhouse Bankside, provides a platform for emerging artists and creates a forum to explore current theatre and arts practice, whilst also giving context to the classical texts it stages.

Anne-Sophie will be “Nell” in the new comedy by ‘I, HORATIO’ written by Anthony P. Pennino and directed by James Callàs Ball.


“And in this harsh world draw thy breath in pain/To tell my story,” a dying Hamlet instructs his friend Horatio.
What is the end of Hamlet is the beginning of I, Horatio as the beleaguered and heart-broken courtier struggles to tell his prince’s story to a skeptical and deranged Fortinbras while overcoming obstacles from a preening Osric, an obsequious gravedigger, a pair of desperate actor.

Book your place here, as its already selling well!