Hervé in rehearsals for ‘LE CAT IN REBOOTS’
November 9, 2020

Our Hervé Goffings is currently in rehearsals for ‘LE CAT IN REBOOTS’.

In the midst of a world pandemic, it requires even more to reinvent ourselves with what we do: get together around art, learn to CHANGE and ask ourselves the right questions first.
In these times, producing a children show in 2020, bears a responsibility to also raise children awareness to these contemporary questions: as part of the 23rd South Ken Kids Festival, with themes of Kindness, Fraternity and Diversity, our anti-racist version reclaims Puss in Boots for what he really is: all he does is out of generosity and justice and the story of the Marquis de Carabas is one of the best models of social mobility. Our cat breaks down all barriers of class and origins. Seen as a cunning joker and a thief, Puss in Boots is one of the most beloved heroes for the children as the adults! He makes his master’s fortune by playing tricks on everyone, even the King, but are they tricks or justice?

Congratulations Hervé.
We are very proud of you!

Rehearsals photos.