Introducing: Carolyn Saint-Pé
October 17, 2023

Today we welcome Carolyn Saint-Pé to the family!

Carolyn is a French born actress, voiceover artist, presenter and singer. Born and raised in Paris, France, she came to live in the UK at the age of 20 and speaks fluent French with a Parisian accent and fluent English with a slight pan-European accent.

Recent roles include “Madame Tournée” in Yorgos Lanthimos’ ‘THE FAVOURITE’ and the English voice of “Boudicca” in the video game ‘AGE OF EMPIRES’.

Carolyn sings jazz and French chansons with her band The Sparrows of Paris. As a classically trained soprano she also appeared in a number of musical productions.

To find out more about Carolyn´s talents as an actress, singer, voice’over artist and presenter, visit her website here.

Welcome to Play Actors Carolyn!
We are absolutely delighted to have you on our team!