Introducing: Xander Turian
April 19, 2023

Today we welcome Xander Turian to our family!!!

Xander Turian is an award-winning Actor, Director, Coach and Stunt Performer based in London, England.
He is fluent in both English and Swedish.

Xander attended the theatre program at Bromma Folkhögskola in Stockholm, Sweden in 2016 and then graduated with honours from the Acting for Film program at Prague Film School in 2018. In the summer of 2022, he received a Distinction for his MA in Filmmaking with Raindance where he focused on self-producing and directing as an actor and is continuing his development by training for The British Stunt Register and pursuing the first ever PhD focusing on a practical exploration of stunts in film from the point of view of performer and director.

In 2013 Xander started producing music videos for his band Our Untold Story where he is the lead singer, guitarist and primary songwriter and set up his own production company; Cuprite Productions. Since then Cuprite Productions has gone on to produce multiple award-winning short films, music videos and feature films including the critically acclaimed Swedish Indie Horror ‘SARGAD’ and his directing debut, ‘ROTTEN LOVE’, which were co-produced with Bloody Fierce Productions.

In 2018 Xander founded The Global Acting Studio together with Johanna von Salmuth. Through a close partnership with Prague Film School in Czechia and MetFilm School in London, England, Xander teaches screen acting, directing and low-no-budget producing and screenwriting.

Xander has appeared alongside A-list actors such as Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne in his recurring role on the Amazon Prime Original series ‘CARNIVAL ROW’ as well as Taylor Kitsch and Michael C. Hall in ‘THE DEFEATED/SHADOWPLAY’ for Netflix.

Welcome to the Play Actors family Xander!