Lise performing ‘I REMEMBER…’ in Malmo
March 21, 2016

Lise Aagaard Knudsen is heading to Malmö, Sweden to perform her own devised piece, ‘I REMEMBER…’, on Wednesday the 23rd of March. 

And since the project is Lise’s own creation, we asked her a few questions about it below…

PWS: How and when did you start this project?

LISE: This project started Fall 2014 as an interest into memory and the use of senses in performance – from there I developed it with dance artist Karen Eide Boen. It started out as an online memory exchange project experimenting with the transformation of memories into aesthetic and performative material. From there it grew into becoming my Master’s thesis project as well as an ever growing physical/digital Memory Archive.

PWS: Why did you choose this title?

LISE: I chose the title because our very first point of departure was using a creative writing/memory exercise that Siri Hustvedt presents in her book The Shaking Woman or A History of My Nerves. Here you set a timer (perhaps 5 min) and you have to write non-stop until the alarm goes off and the only rule is that you start each sentence with ‘I REMEMBER…’

PWS: What have been the steps towards your performance this week?

LISE: I attended this conference last year and this time I’ve been invited back as an artist. To prepare ourselves for this year’s topic re-enactments we have re-acquainted ourselves with material from our Memory Archive and we have had both real life and Skype rehearsals.

PWS: What’s next? A performance in London, maybe?

LISE: We don’t know about performances in London yet – it should happen sometime during 2016, but next on the map is Copenhagen in June for Det Frie Felts Festival which is a side programme under the theatre festival CPH Stage.