May 21, 2020

Proud agency!

‘VOLVER A EMPEZAR’ was created by our very own Pepa Duarte!

It is a very personal and unique project that certainly touches everyone who once dared to leave their home, travel across the world to follow their heart and passion.

Originally presented 3 years ago, this piece represents commitment to dreams and fight to achieve one’s dreams no matter how terrifying these could feel. It revolves around Latin American culture and will be a mix of poetry and music.

This incredible show will be live-streamed on the 4th of June at 8pm (UK time) as part of the Virtual Variety Fest.
The performance will then be available online until the 11th of June!

Do yourselves a favour and set aside some time to enjoy the beauty of this show 🎭.

If you like, you can donate to Pepa with the code “PEPA”.
The link for the show and donation is as here.