Sabine’s return to Rosenberg Festspiele
August 30, 2023

Our astonishing client Sabine Rossbach completed another triumphant run at the Rosenberg Festspiele Festival, where she performed in 3 productions!

Between 8th of June and 13th of August, Sabine appeared as “Frau Prysselus” in ‘PIPPI LONGSTOCKING’, as “Dr. Einstein” in ‘ARSENIC AND OLD LACE’ and as “Queen Elisabeth” and “Prince Edward” in ‘RICHARD III’.

Congratulations Sabine; we will always be in awe of you and cheering you on!

Here are some great responses from the press & public:

For the production of ‘ARSENIC AND OLD LACE’

Well done. Your “Dr. Einstein” was great

Susanne Schulz (former artistic director of Theater Ansbach)

Sabine Rossbach in ‘ARSENIC AND OLD LACE’. Production photo by Frank Wunderatsch.

For the production of ‘PIPPI LONGSTOCKING’

…Sabine Rossbach wonderfully portraits stiff upper lip teacher “Frau Prysselus”…

Neue Presse Coburg

Sabine Rossbach in ‘PIPPI LONGSTOCKING’. Production photo by Frank Wunderatsch.

For the production of ‘RICHARD III’

…Sabine Rossbach plays strong “Queen Elisabeth” and young “Prince Edward” on stage. The difference between those two characters couldn’t be any greater, presenting her with the opportunity to show off her incredible versatility. Whilst Elisabeth is scarred from the pain Richard brought to her family, the young prince is hopeful and naive in seeing only the good side of his uncle…

Yasmin Hübel – Crashing Chandelier theatre blog

Sabine Rossbach in ‘RICHARD III’. Production photo by Frank Wunderatsch.