22nd June 2015

INGVILD DEILA starts filming for the web series “Relationshit”


Ingvild starts shooting for the webseries “Relationshit” directed by Ivy Jelisavac this month. She’ll be playing Zoe “a stubborn kickboxer who falls in love in three seconds, flat”. Sounds like good ‘shit’!

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26th May 2015

OSVALDO ITURRIAGA will be performing with the touring show “Rox Vox – One Night of Rock”

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Osvaldo will be performing on this coming month at Livingston and Blackpool with the touring show ‘Rox Vox – One Night of Rock’.

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23rd May 2015

ANNE-SOPHIE MARIE’s short play “The Ballerina” will be on stage at Theatre 503

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Anne-Sophie’s short play “The Ballerina” has been selected for a production at Theatre 503 Sunday May 31st and Monday June 1st. See link for more information and booking (highly recommended as this event is often sold out).

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14th April 2015

LISE AAGAARD KNUDSEN will be performing Shakespeare’s sonnet “Sweet Love Remember’d”


Lise will be to be found performing Shakespeare’s sonnets somewhere along the route of Mark Rylance’s Sonnet Walks “Sweet Love Remember’d” on the 19th of April. An exciting collaboration with the Globe, directed by theFactory’s Federay Holmes!

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13th April 2015

ANNE-SOPHIE MARIE will hold a rehearsed reading for her full length play “Spiritualists” at the Conway Hall


A rehearsed reading for Anne-Sophie’s full length play, Spiritualists, will take place April 19th 4pm in the Conway Hall Library, 25 Red Lyon Square, London.

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9th April 2015

LISE AAGAARD KNUDSEN performed in an experimental short film “In the Morning”


Lise performed in and co-produced “In the Morning” – an experimental short film. It was improvised, shot and subsequently cut together by James Burt/Darkslide. We enjoy its raw qualities!

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28th March 2015

LISE AAGAARD KNUDSEN will be playing in “As You Like It” at the Pleasance


Lise will be playing Touchstone in Purple Ostrich Productions’ “As You Like It” at the Pleasance 14th-16th of May. We’re excited to see the ‘purple’ take on it…

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13th March 2015

VALERIO RICCI is using all his Italian charm in the new Diageo corporate

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Valerio has booked and already filmed a corporate for Diageo! He is playing an Italian bartender in it. Congratulations!

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