Our Artists’ Thoughts:

Don’t overdo it during lockdown!
May 18, 2020

In these unprecedented times our main responsibility is to stay home in order to protect ourselves and each other.

Naturally, we try and find ways to be mobile in the immobility of the world, to keep moving within our “home bubbles” whilst the world outside has almost completely stopped. 

Ever since the first locomotive set off, our society has been absorbed by velocity: a fluctuating superpower. Fluctuating because whilst allowing us to move forward and around at a considerably quick pace, very quick if you take into account planes, it has also deprived us from being able to observe and deconstruct each moment and detail of our multifarious journeys. As our paths have crossed, we often haven’t come across each other, too focused on our destination and too distracted from what really matters: living. 

As this quarantine has stretched in time and blurred our idealised visions of our future, our habits have been moulded by circumstances to which we are gradually getting adapted. The slower pace and progression of time has pervaded our lives and we have felt under pressure in the impossibility to keep going and filling our hours with all sorts of activities in order to feel content about our productiveness. However, isn’t over-productivity at the core of our daily anxiety and stress?  

This is the time to realise that we aren’t at the mercy of the media and other people’s lives and lifestyles, we’ve got the opportunity to take our time and mind our own business without anyone caring. What matters is to rejoice in every moment we get to experience, as simple as it can seem. Syncing with time instead of attempting to chase it and outrun it is going to reveal the magnificent details that make up the bigger picture of existence. Nevertheless, time is a gift that beckons us to grow; it is essential to give time to time in order to prosper and avoid slipping into a state of futile dissatisfaction. Especially in this period, it is imperative to reserve quiet time to think and process things that are going on around us and inside of us.

Staying off the phone and social media seems impossible when internet is the only medium that keeps us connected to the outside world, but we have to find a balance by being able to navigate through it with objectivity.

Right now the internet is exploding with tips, offers and activities on how to fill free time during lockdown, but we’ve gotta take it with a pinch of salt in order to avoid getting pressured into filling a role that is gonna bring more harm than good into our lives.
Staying inside, attending to basic needs is already enough, then it is up to each of us individually to choose IF and what to add to it.